Trusted Root Canal Dentists Serving Hagerstown, IN

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If you live in Hagerstown, Indiana, and need to speak with a root canal dentist, Parkview Family Dentistry in nearby New Castle is an excellent place to turn. Our experienced dental team excels in endodontic services such as root canal therapy—a procedure in which the inflamed or infected tooth pulp is removed while the tooth itself is preserved. Here’s a quick overview of the root canal procedure:

  1. A numbing gel is applied to the gum around the affected tooth, followed by an injection of a local anesthetic to prevent discomfort during the procedure.
  2. A small hole is made toward the top of the tooth to access the diseased pulp, which is carefully removed.
  3. The empty space inside the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and filled with a special material.
  4. The hole made in the tooth is covered with a temporary sealant, which is replaced with a permanent sealant a few days after the procedure.

Why Choose Us for Endodontic Care?

Root canal therapy has come a long way in recent years thanks to key advancements in dental technology, all of which are utilized here at Parkview Family Dentistry. Our dentists are knowledgeable and friendly, and our dental office is modern and designed with our patients’ comfort in mind. For these reasons and more, countless local families have turned to us for their dental care needs since we opened our doors in 2000.

If the time has come to speak with a dentist about root canal therapy or another endodontic procedure, you can confidently choose Parkview Family Dentistry. Schedule your appointment today! We proudly offer free consultations and flexible payment options to residents of Hagerstown and surrounding communities.